New Adventure: Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge.

Well, it didn't take me very long to get on my feet after graduation. The shock of leaving Ohio University with a Wildlife and Conservation Biology degree hasn't wore off- how could it, after only a couple weeks? But, I didn't have time to think and ponder life too much, as there is a world to be saved. The SCA came calling, and the Bear River Migratory bird refuge needed my services. So, after only a week of spending time with family, off to Utah I went via the United hospitable airlines.

My first impressions of the west, as this is indeed my first time experiencing this beautiful land, was breathtaking to say the least. I always felt drawn to the energy and untamed wilderness of the west without ever actually visiting, and my spirit yearned for its freedom the entire four years of college. However I could not prepare myself, or my eyes, for what was to greet me as I stepped out of the terminal in Salt Lake City- mountains I have never seen before stole my attention completely and left me in a state of awe. I am afraid, as I was warned by friends before I left, that I have been bit by the west, and will not want to ever leave.

My co-workers at the refuge are extraordinarily amazing to work with. I never would of imagined people being so happy and content with their jobs, and the pleasant personalities everyone brings to this place builds the refuges energy to an amazing level. I was welcomed warmly by everyone on staff, and got a chance to meet my fellow interns of the YCC (Youth Conservation Corps) as well as my fellow SCA partner Nikki Tulley. My first week at the refuge was spent with these awesome kids, and as a group of new and curious interns, we were trained in such ways as leave no trace, first aid respondent, and CPR. A good amount of time as well was spent getting to know these other people who I will be working with very closely in the next few months.

The Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge

CPR Training

First Aid Training

Team Building Exercise

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